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Chinese cupping therapy is unique treatment that has been used since as early as 28 AD.

To this day no one really knows where cupping originated from but the Chinese developed the technique over the years to be used during surgery. 

Today, we use glass cups, but before they used either hollowed out animal horns or bamboo cups, however these were used for medical purposes such as cleaning cuts or using the suction to remove poisons from snakebites, spider bites etc.

The cupping style we use is called Fire Cupping, and it works by heating the air inside the glass, removing Oxygen which then causes the suction.

Other cupping styles have been developed and you can buy suction cups with a pump (similar to a breast pump) Some therapists opt for these cups as it eliminates the need for on open flame, this can also make the client feel less nervous if its their first time receiving the treatment.

The results of a cupping session can sometimes look unpleasant, due to the markings that can sometimes be left after a session. These markings are simply blood drawn towards the skins surface. There is no pain involved during or after the treatment and the marks fade within 48 hours. 

These marks are not like bruises, more like love-bites, and will not normally be tender to the touch.

Cupping Therapy has many benefits. The most obvious on is that it encourages blood flow.

So if you suffer from poor circulation this would be perfect for you!

Other benefits include; Pain relief, relaxation of stiff muscles, Myofascial release, Improved skin tone, Improves lymph drainage & improves the repair of ligaments and tendons (they have limited blood supply so using over a tendon/ligament will really help repair any damage)

This treatment can be used for specific aches & pains or just combined with light massage for some relaxation. It works wonders with deep tissue work for any niggles you may have and also allows hands on work to be performed while the cups are on. Its an all round great treatment but don't take my word for it, come see for yourself.