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Regular massage has an accumulative effect, the more frequently you receive a Massage, the more beneficial it is for your mind and your body.
A great way to maintain your physical and emotional wellbeing is with a Monthly massage, and to make this easier we have created a Membership Plan just for you! 

Refer a friend to Wee Sally Therapeutic Massage for membership to earn your Membership for Free!*

  • Customised Massage massage every month When you visit Wee Sally Therapeutic Massage your therapist builds a wellness plan that has you in mind. 
  • Payment handled via AutoPay You will not have to think about missing your monthly payments because the payments come out automatically from your bank card. 
  • Biannual Friends & Family pass As a Member you will receive passes that can be shared with friends and family for a free massage. What better way to introduce them to massage therapy?
  • Quarterly Members only events At Wee Sally Therapeutic Massage we have events for introducing new services. Some of these events will be member only and present more personalised introductions to these new services. Also we have partnerships with other businesses in the Wellness field that we will partner with in presenting to our Members.
  • Discount for additional Massage services Any further additional massage services are 50% off the normal price after you have used your Massage time.
  • Unused Massages rollover Every month any unused Massage time will carry over. This ensures that you can use the time when it suits you and your schedule.

To Sign up for the membership plan, at your next visit to any of our clinics.
Alternatively you can sign up online and start saving NOW!

Click here on "Membership Plan" to be taken to our Online Sign Up page! 


* With each referred friend you gain a 25% discount on your monthly Membership to Wee Sally Therapeutic Massage. As long as the referred friend is a paying Member your 25% discount continues. If you have 4 referred friends your membership is free provided those friends have a membership in good standing with Wee Sally Therapeutic Massage. This discount is only up to 100% off the membership price, you will not get money back if your discount amount goes above 100%. Please contact us with any questions and further details.