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Table Thai Massage


Table Thai massage is an adaptation of the Traditional Thai Massage that is performed on a couch/bed rather than on the floor. During Table thai the client is fully clothed and no oil/lotion is used. Thai massage combines rhythmic rocking, compressions, acupressure and assisted yoga-like stretches to help lengthen shortened muscles and bring the body back into a state of balance. 

A lot of Thai work isn’t just using your hands & fingers, we use our palms, thumbs, knuckles, forearms, knees, heels & feet. This treatment is perfect for those with a larger muscle mass as conventional massage is sometimes more difficult, but anyone who enjoys deeper pressure and good, long stretches will love it!

Thai massage is different to conventional massages because they do not work specifically with muscles and soft tissue, rather they work along Energy lines, or Sen lines. The intention of thai massage is to balance out the bodies energy and maintain a good energy flow along these Sen lines.
The lines themselves run all over the body in channels or paths, and if the channels become blocked, this is where the Thai believe that illness and disease come from,  blockages in the channels. By working along the Sen lines, we can clear the channels and allow the flow of energy to be restored, thus making the client feel uplifted and energized.


Benefits of thai massage 

  • Relieved muscle pain & tension
  • increased mental and physical energy levels
  • enhanced range of motion/flexibility
  • increased circulation
  • relaxation
  • Ideal for clients who do not wish to unrobe


Thai massage can benefit many common problems such as; 

Neck and shoulder problems, headaches/migraines, lower back issues, sciatica, restricted range of motion, digestive problems, stress, depression, anxiety & Insomnia. This is just a short list of problems that Thai massage can help relieve. 

So if you are suffering in silence, look no further because our thai treatments will melt away your worries and make your body feel brand new!


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