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Thai Foot Massage


Thai foot massage dates back to the mid 19th century when Buddhist monks were developing a range of complimentary therapies for the King.

In thailand today, Thai foot massage can be found everywhere! Each treatment can range from a quick 20 minutes to a luxurious 90 minutes, ideal for those on the go and those who want some ‘me’ time.


What the treatment involves


As the client, throughout the treatment, you do absolutely nothing. no moving or turning over etc. simply drift away and completely indulge yourself in the art of thai foot massage.

This is a very balancing treatment for the lower legs and feet, along the same lines as reflexology. The main difference is that not only does the therapist use her hands but they also use a specifically designed stick. Pointed at one end, blunt at the other. This is used to work those reflex points but also gives a little more pressure.


Although this is a foot and leg treatment it is great for the whole body. It eases the mind and releases stored energy making your body feel replenished and refreshed when you leave. It is a brilliant stress reliever and can help improve sleeping patterns. If you suffer from Insomnia this is the treatment for you.




  • Excellent foot and calf stretches for worn out legs and feet
  • No need to remove any clothing (apart from shoes/socks) perfect for those who don’t like to disrobe
  • It has all the benefits of foot reflex and energy work along with a relaxing massage. This is because we use the reflex points and Thai Sen Energy lines
  • Better circulation and cell nutrition
  • Better lymphatic elimination and immunity