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Thai Herb Compress

Thai herbal compress massage has a lot in common with Table Thai & Thai foot massage but with an added Ooomf! The thai compresses consist of a mixture of herbs and spices specially blended together to enhance your massage experience. There are a variety of different herbs which can be used in any compress, depending upon the clients needs and/or any allergies. As with the table thai, we not only use our hands. We use palms, fingers, forearms, & feet.

The herbal compress not only adds a lovely aroma to the treatment but they are steamed 5/10 minutes before they are used on the body. The heat from the compress warms the muscle allowing for deeper work more quickly. It can be used to work deep for those needing more structured and deep work or can be gently rolled and kneaded into the muscles as the ultimate indulgence.

The compresses are incredibly aromatic, even before they are heated, which adds to the overall relaxation and sensuality of the massage.

This treatment will take you away to your own place, where there is peace, tranquility & pure, uninterrupted relaxation!


Here are some benefits of having a Thai herbal compress;

  • Excellent depth into the muscle tissue for those who carry a lot of tension
  • the heat from the herbal compress can be used on tendons & around joints, where massage can sometimes be uncomfortable
  • better respiratory function through the relaxant effect & sinus drainage
  • the detoxifying benefits of the herbs can help with general fatigue


Before the treatment begins we will need to ensure that you are not allergic to any ingredients within the compresses, so please inform us asap of any allergies that may affect the treatment going ahead. we also will provide an ingredients list for you to have a look at for your own curiosity.


So If you feel the Thai Compress is the treatment for you call us now on 01506 238366 and get booked in!